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Austin Pet Sitters – Caring for your pets in your home when you can’t

Austin Pet Sitters is an organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for pet sitters to maximize their standard of excellence through education, mentoring, networking and community service. While we maintain an extensive list of pet sitters, we recommend that our visitors view our hiring tips before they solicit a pet sitter.

If you’re looking for someone to care for your furry, feathery or scaly companion while you are away, you’ve come to the right place. The companies listed on our site are located in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. They specialize in caring for pets while you are vacationing or working. We also have pet sitters that provide dog walking services and in-home cat care. Use our pet sitter finder and secure your pet's new companion.

Are you a pet sitter? Consider registering to become an Austin Pet Sitters member. Our members are committed to the loving care of the pets entrusted to them. They provide honest and professional pet care services that maintain the highest levels of respect for personal property all while adhering to local laws. They participate in pet care continuing education programs to ensure that they are equipped with the latest pet care techniques and requirements for providing optimal care for your companions. Contact us today to become a member today!

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